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HORROR Porn Comic?

Posted by Jasonafex - January 15th, 2019

Me and Kabs have been binging a lot of thriller/horror movies recently such as Annihilation, Babadook, A Quiet Place, Room (Not THE Room, Mark).

We have been thinking about doing our next comic with a hellish theme. Demons, Succubus, Corruption etc. But seeing great screenplays kind of makes that concept feel a little basic.

We really like venom, faceless monsters and just creepy/strange stuff and think it would be interesting adding sexuality into the mix of themes. Would you guys be interested in a porn comic that is equal parts disturbing/creepy as it is hot? Think of a curvy night terror that visits you while you sleep.

Feel free to leave any comic requests here and we'll consider all of them. We are in the process of character sheets, jotting out plot points etc and will make a decision when we complete Double Trouble - https://www.patreon.com/kabiercomics


Comments (8)

Sounds very interesting. I do love horror stuff so yeah can't wait! :)

That sounds bery dope but i don't see much of a frozen hell even though on some of the layers of hell they say there get more cold and frozen like

Do it

If you like the idea mate then sure why not go ahead and don't listen to anyone.You and kabs do whatever you think you want to do with the new comic we will still be with you two

Love the idea. Am hyped for the spooky sex monster.

How about like a "Thing" or "Venom" approach. Jasonafex has sex with Kabier. But during the sex scene, he finds out it's a transformable slime or creature and in doing so flips the whole Jasonafex screwing Kabier, into the slime doing whatever it wants to Jasonafex in any shape or form from your guys previous works like Dustin, The tribal raptors, etc. In the aftermath being a slave to it, Kabier can walk in and accidently gets involve or she can see the aftermath and tries to understand what happens.

Well you need to watch "Hereditary" then.... hell you might get a neat idea from that movie

Whoa, you mean like "Night of the Killwi?"